Friday, July 24, 2015

"Reverspective" Painting, Patrick Hughes, Optical illusion Painting, ICO

In The News:

A year-long journey of research, and so many trail and errors--the result is the painting you see. Our inspiration and fascination came from an incredible artist Patrick Hughes, who came up with this concept. To produce such painting it took a lot of discipline, planning, drafting, and a new understanding of perspective. 
You can get a more  information from the interviews, and links provided.



Chicago students use optical illusions to trick the brain, May 13, 2015

ABC 7 News,

Optometry College Painting Gives a Different Perspective, May 13, 2015

DNAinfo Chicago,

Blue-and-Black Dress Illusion Inspires Twins’ Art on How our Eyes Trick Us – May 14

ICO Illinois College Of Optometry

Process Captured in link below :)


Monday, August 18, 2014

KETUBAH, Jewish Marriage Contract, Jewish Wedding Ketubah.

I was honored when I was commissioned to make A "Ketubah" for a beautiful couple getting married.

"ketubah  is a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride."

I really enjoyed making this piece of art, and knowing that this art will remain with them forever made it that much more special and challenging. 
  1. For this piece the couple gave me an example of what they liked and allowed me to venture off with that example inspired :) 
    Materials: Water Color Paper 18x24, Water colors, Acrylic gold & white, Gold Leafs, white glitter, and Brown Sharpie Pen.


    My Process

    Materials. Color Harmonies. Sample
    Inspiration Sample
    Water Color, Gold leafing. 

    Drawn, Masked for Background Color. 
    Detail, Hand-Sanded edges of water color paper. 
    Detail. Iridescent Glitter, Gold Leaf. 

    Hand written Text! Took the longest :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Bridal Card Design"

Bridal Card :: My Process :: Design

Final Card Print, Card Stock. Glitter Paper liner for Envelope. 
Photoshop underline
Vector Line in Illustrator 
Added Color in Photoshop

Background Color--Photoshop
Finished Lettering in Illustrator

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Drawing Workshop.

"Drawing is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the paper." ~Pablo Picasso

I have to draw from life every time I need to clear my mind, its the best therapy. 
The Mute's Soliloquy

Friday, April 5, 2013

BP Portrait Award 2013. Submission.

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."  ~Pablo Picasso

For the past four months, I have been contemplating if I should send my painting to  BP Portrait Award 2013 competition, Details-->

Finally after long hours of research and long hours of work, I decided to submit my entry. What I was not expecting was the challenge of shipping this huge painting to LOndon.  After many many many costly and disappointing quotes from different shipping companies, I was back to square one, contemplation. My chances are 1% to get selected, is it worth the time and my hard working Money!     
  "Go Big or Go Home" RIght?  
I decided to go with an offer that was better than the rest, UPS $1500 (which later I will find that the offer was too good to be true, I was charged 3X as much).   

Cost of shipping to London: 
$350.00 (crate) + $4260.00 = More Artist Debt

Be that as it may,

I had the greatest feeling when UPS Freight (after two weeks of calling everyday) told me my Painting was at the place of destination one day before the deadline, that was my triumph! I was to wait, exactly 16 days before the results. 
Did I WIN? So unfortunate--No. I wanted this so so badly. 

However, I am happy (optimistic) I failed. I learned a lot. How great a feeling it is, to fail; gives you a base to build upon.
Although I will now have to ship this painting back to the US,
 which will cost me more headache and so much more money.]
I felt like shipping this painting was much harder than, painting the painting :)
Imagine that. 

Cheers to, beautiful rainbows after the rain!
Without the element of uncertainty—the bringing off of even—the greatest triumph would be dull, routine, and eminently unsatisfying. – J. Paul Getty

After two months of crate research, I was lucky to find Mr. King to built me this beautiful 7x6 feet Crate for my large painting. 
It was flawless!!!
My Final goodbyes with 4 moths of hard labor. 

Taking it to Aladdin Rugs, for packaging. 

Right before wrapping it up. 
All set in, wishing it is sufficient enough to travel to London!

After waiting for UPS fraight for two days, with deadline right around the corner-- finally arrived.
At 284 pounds, it wieghted so much :/.  AND there it went. 
Out of my hands now. With only 11 days left until the deadline. 

The Painting. Detail. 
BP Portrait Award 2013 Painting Submission
The Painting. Done entirely with Oil paints.
Titled : Architecting Space, No.1 Azadeh.
Size: 61.5 X 76.5 cm

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A late christmas gift for a client. Done in marker & Prisma Color sticks. Wish I had taken a better picture. 
1st layout.

After so long, I finally attended a life drawing workshop, forgot how much I love life drawing <3 back="" brush-up="" can="" challenging="" drawing.="" get="" getting="" into="" it.="" it="" life="" more="" my="" nbsp="" on="" so="" t="" time="" to="" wait="" was="">

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A sketch, derived by a quote I came across...:)
"Before you I had never fallen in love...I had only stepped in it a few times"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Series of Oil painting... Work in progress

Tuesday, November 27, 2012