Monday, August 18, 2014

KETUBAH, Jewish Marriage Contract, Jewish Wedding Ketubah.

I was honored when I was commissioned to make A "Ketubah" for a beautiful couple getting married.

"ketubah  is a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride."

I really enjoyed making this piece of art, and knowing that this art will remain with them forever made it that much more special and challenging. 
  1. For this piece the couple gave me an example of what they liked and allowed me to venture off with that example inspired :) 
    Materials: Water Color Paper 18x24, Water colors, Acrylic gold & white, Gold Leafs, white glitter, and Brown Sharpie Pen.


    My Process

    Materials. Color Harmonies. Sample
    Inspiration Sample
    Water Color, Gold leafing. 

    Drawn, Masked for Background Color. 
    Detail, Hand-Sanded edges of water color paper. 
    Detail. Iridescent Glitter, Gold Leaf. 

    Hand written Text! Took the longest :)

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